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Billboard Promotion, Inc.  conducts an operative recruitment and placement approaches effective in generating highly qualified workers. We are dedicated in facilitating applicants realize their objectives and goals while providing definite satisfaction to employers.

Why Billboard Promotion Inc.?

Redefining the Recruitment Industry

Billboard Promotion Inc. specializes in placing remarkable workforce with leading companies.

We individually qualify and handpick candidates who rank in the top 10% of their field. We collaborate with our clients and global agencies to ensure that all screening, testing and evaluations are specifically customized to meet the requirements of all government agencies and employment offered.

Incomparable Knowledge

Billboard Promotion Inc. has been successfully placing staff for over 13 years with illustrious results. We continuously aspire to remain at the vanguard of global recruitment innovation with the objective of increasing workforce retention.

We capitalize comprehensively in building deep integrity based relationships with our global recruitment partners. Billboard Promotion Inc.  assures that our clients can continue to positively employ top personnel.

Principled Foundation

Our platform reinforces multiculturalism, identifies talent and encourages diversity. Our major goal as a fully licensed agency is to source global talent. The Billboard Promotion Inc.  experience is one of our compliance funded by outstanding thoroughness.

We embolden our staff to cultivate and showcase their world-class talents to their fullest potential. Our practice is ethical, respected and progressive.

Our Process Summary

  • A comprehensive employment planning brief to guarantee success
  • Thorough selection of applicants after search
  • Consultation and screening all potential candidates in person
  • In depth candidate profile and interview report
  • Scheduling interviews and giving feedback to both parties
  • Job Offer supervision
  • Systematic client feedback consultations
  • Salary assessment information, re-location and interview advice to all clients
  • Follow up with both client and candidate once position has been filled